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H.C. Price and Gregory & Cook Construction, Inc. Announce Merger
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Price Gregory International (PGI) is a leading energy infrastructure services provider specializing in:

  • Construction of Gas, Oil, and Products Pipelines
  • Installation of Metering and Valve Stations
  • Installation of Compressor and Pump Stations
  • Cleaning, Repair, DOT Hydrostatic Testing and Maintenance Services
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling and Road Boring
  • Auto-Welding Equipment and Services

We are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy workplace for all employees, subcontractors, client personnel, and the general public.

PGI has a rich history in the pipeline industry and is credited with the development of many modern pipeline construction techniques used world wide to this day. Price Gregory pioneered the coatings and pipeline buoyancy control and owned plants across the world. Price Gregory was instrumental in development of the electrical welding technique used to adjoin pipelines.

The company has successfully completed some of the largest pipeline projects ever built. During the 40?s, PGI built the first ?Big Inch? pipeline and the first Arctic pipeline in North American located in the NW Territories, both during WW II. During the 70?s, Price Gregory built Spread 3 of the Trans Alaskan Pipeline and The Iraq to Turkey Crude Pipeline. During the 80?s, Price Gregory built The Northern Border Pipeline.

During the 90?s, Price Gregory built the PGE/PGT Pipeline, Florida Gas, Phase III, Destin Pipeline and Maritimes. Since 2000, PGI has built Alliance, Guardian, and numerous other major projects. Please see our Projects page for complete descriptions of all these projects along with job photographs.


Rockies Expansion - West, Spread 3
Pipeline construction project to build Spread 3 of Rex West. Spread 3 includes 106 miles of 42 inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline, located in Nebraska. The project utilized mechanized w...

Oooguruk Development Pipeline Project

The Oooguruk Field Development Project involved construction of a gravel drilling/production island six-miles offshore of the Colville River Delta in the shallow waters of the Beaufort Sea. An on...